Autumn Hotel @ TIFF Cluj-Napoca 2013

Grimus @ Zilele Cluj Napoca 2013

Photo Romania Festival 2013

photo romania festival

"Alina, ce faci in perioada 17-26 mai?"...   A fost o experienta interesanta, am cunoscut o multime de oameni minunati si am revazut o multime de oameni minunati... Cateva poze:  workshopuri: http://alinatodea.ro/photoblog/#5802 expozitii: http://alinatodea.ro/photoblog/#5794 interviuri: http://alinatodea.ro/photoblog/#5771 concerte: http://alinatodea.ro/photoblog/#5714  

ARTaiud 2012

This year i was again invited to send photos to the ARTAIUD Photo exibition by my dear Dorel Gaina. It was funny, as it happened as the last times: "Alina, can you print a photo for the ARTaiud exibition?" "yes, what subject?" "any subject, free theme" "ok, when do you need it?" "today?" :)) But what was funnier this year was ...


Lebede pe Cris